Vl CRlr Pr

uncrossed crossed uncrossed crossed

We can now estimate callosal relay time or IHTT by the mean crossed-uncrossed difference (CUD):

5v. CUD: ([2v] + [4v] - [1v] - [3v]) - 2 = (CRrl + CRlr) - 2

It is possible to compute a separate CUD for the Lh, for the Rh, for the LVF, and for the RVF, but as equations 6v-9v show, these estimates are confounded by hemispheric differences and may be negative. To get a pure estimate of IHTT, it is necessary to add the CUDs of the two VFs or of the two hands:

We can also compute a hand difference and a VF difference, as well as a difference between the two crossed conditions and a difference between the two uncrossed conditions:

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