From Anatomy To Behavior The Case Of Pure Alexia 459

21 The Role of Homotopic and Heterotopic Callosal Connections in Humans Stephanie Clarke 461

commentary 21.1 Learning to Read and Write Shapes the Anatomy and Function of the Corpus Callosum Alexandre Castro-Caldas, Alexandra Reis, Pedro Cavaleiro Miranda, and Eduardo Ducla-Soares 473

22 Optic Aphasia and Pure Alexia: Contribution of Callosal Disconnection Syndromes to the Study of Lexical and Semantic Representation in the Right Hemisphere Claudio G. Luzzatti 479

commentary 22.1 Right Hemisphere Contributions to Word Recognition in Pure Alexia Elisabetta LAdavas 497

commentary 22.2 Right Hemisphere Contributions to Residual Reading in Pure Alexia: Evidence from a Patient with Consecutive Bilateral Strokes Paolo Bartolomeo, Anne-Catherine Bachoud-LEvi, Jean-Denis Degos, and Francois Boller 500

commentary 22.3 Letter-by-Letter Reading: Regional Cerebral Blood Flow Correlates Marco Iacoboni, Patrizia Pantano, and Vittoria Di Piero 507

editorial commentary 5 The Case Study of Pure Alexia: Sensorimotor Integration in the Split Brain Eran Zaidel and Marco Iacoboni 515

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