The Normal Brain 237

9 The Evolution of the Concept of Interhemispheric Relay Time Claude M. J. Braun, AndrE Achim, and Caroline Larocque 237

commentary 9.1 Does the CUD in SRT Measure IHTT? Or: Is the Crossed-Uncrossed Difference in the Simple Reaction Time Task a Pure Measure of Interhemispheric Transfer Time? Eran Zaidel and Marco Iacoboni 259

commentary 9.2 Interacting Hemispheres: A Means of Modulating Attention Marie T. Banich 267

10 The Corpus Callosum Equilibrates Hemispheric Activation Marcel Kinsbourne 271

commentary 10.1 A Plan for the Empirical Evaluation of the Coactivation/ Equilibration Model of Callosal Function Jacqueline Liederman 282

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