Physiology Human Studies 171

8 Interhemispheric Visuomotor Activation: Spatiotemporal Electrophysiology Related to Reaction Time Clifford D. Saron, John J. Foxe, Gregory V. Simpson, and Herbert G. Vaughan, Jr. 171

commentary 8.1 Interhemispheric Transfer of Visual Information as a

Function of Retinal Eccentricity: Evidence from Event-Related

Potentials Carlo Miniussi, Angelo Maravita, and Carlo Marzi 220

commentary 8.2 Neuroimaging Patterns of Intra- and Interhemispheric Connectivity Marco Iacoboni and Eran Zaidel 224

commentary 8.3 The Use of Event-Related Potentials for Measuring Interhemispheric Transfer Time Steven Berman 230

editorial commentary 2 Current Directions in Physiological Studies of Callosal Functions Marco Iacoboni and Eran Zaidel 232

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