Figure 1.9. Distribution of HRP-labeled callosal neurons callosal cells in the supragranular layers compared to the in-in coronal sections through areas 17 and 18 of one normal fragranular ones. (N5) and one split chiasm cat (OCS 2). Note the abundance of crose, and sectioned while frozen in the coronal plane at 80 mm. A one in two series of sections was then reacted for HRP histochemistry using the tetramethyl benzidine technique (Mesulam, 1978) to visualize the retrogradely filled callosal cells while the other series was stained with cresyl violet to confirm the completeness of the optic chiasm split.

In all brains, HRP-labeled callosal neurons in a series of sections spaced 320 mm apart and encompassing the caudal 13—15 mm of the cortex were charted at 250x using a computer-controlled microscope. We also measured for each brain the mediolateral width of the cortical volume containing callosal neurons (the callosal efferent zone or CZ) at the three levels that divide the rostrocaudal extent of area 17 into four equal parts.

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