Figure 6.5. Bar charts illustrating the learning and retention performance for pattern discriminations following the various surgical interventions. LOT: Trials to criterion for learning a pattern discrimination following the left optic tract section in group 1. LOT + RVA: Trials to criterion after an additional lesion of the visual cortical areas of the right hemisphere for the relearning of the previously acquired pattern discrimination and learning of a new one (group 1) and for initial pattern discrimination learning (group 2). LOT + RVA + CC: Trials to criterion for the relearning of one pattern discrimination and learning of a new one following the additional section of the corpus callosum for both groups. Note the improved performance not only for the relearning of previously learned discriminations but also for learning a new one following the callosotomy. (Adapted from Ptito et al., 1993.)

callosotomy allows the left hemisphere to function more normally. In fact, the section of the intercollicular commissure in a similar surgical preparation abolishes pattern discrimination learning (Luybymov, 1965), and these latter results lend support to the involvement of extracallosal commissures in interhemispheric transfer.

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