3 Brain Size: A Possible Source of Interindividual Variability in Corpus Callosum Morphology Lutz Jancke and Helmuth Steinmetz 51

commentary 3.1 Size Differences in the Callosum: Analysis Beyond the Main Effects Patricia E. Cowell 64

commentary 3.2 Individual Differences in Corpus Callosum Morphometry: To Normalize or Not to Normalize for Brain Size Jeffrey M. Clarke 70

4 Morphometries for Callosal Shape Studies Fred L. Bookstein 75

5 Mapping Structural Alterations of the Corpus Callosum During Brain Development and Degeneration Paul M. Thompson, Katherine L. Narr, Rebecca E. Blanton, and Arthur W. Toga 93

editorial commentary 1 New Insights in Callosal Anatomy and Morphometry Eran Zaidel and Marco Iacoboni 131

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