Jancke and Steinmetzs model of CCbrain size relationships

In light of the confusion and controversy surrounding the study of regional CC anatomy in humans, Jancke and Steinmetz set out to systematically investigate the relationship between the CC and brain size with the aid of a mathematical model. These authors used a geometric model to explore the neuroanatomical relationships between the callosum and the rest of the brain as defined by the midsagittal CC area and the volume of the forebrain (FBV).

In the geometric model, two neuroanatomical relationships were expressed as the following rules:

CC constant FBV2/3 (3.1)

These formulas were then logarithmically transformed for ease of statistical manipulation and display to:

log CC = log constant + (2/3) x log FBV (3.3) log CC/FBV = log constant +(-1/3) x log FBV (3.4)

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