Giovanni Berlucchi

abstract This commentary on Professor Doty's paper on the relationship between the corpus callosum and the mind discusses some aspects of the basic physiology of callosal connections and some newly reported effects of brain splitting on attention and memory functions. Specific consideration is given to (1) the physiological excitatory and inhibitory effects of callosal inputs on cortical neurons, as contrasted with massive psychological excitatory and inhibitory effects on one hemisphere that are thought to result from a callosal disconnection from the other hemisphere, (2) possible noncallosal interhemispheric interactions in learning and memory, and (3) left hemispheric dominance in visual attention tasks after brain splitting.

In the paper on which I am commenting, Professor Doty has once again exhibited his knack for discussing the corpus callosum from a daunting variety of viewpoints, ranging from the single-neuron level to the mind. Because of limitations of my competence and the space allotted to me, I will only touch on very few of the many aspects of callosal activities he has surveyed in his paper.

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