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mean normal to mean schizophrenic

'forces' (vectors w) on spline mean normal to mean schizophrenic, x 3

Figure 4.7. Thin-plate spline visualizations for the comparison of group mean shapes in Figure 4.4. Left: The actual mean difference as a deformation. Center: Coefficients (w^, wty) of the nonlinear part of the spline, indicating, by their perpendicularity to the mean outline, that the points have been "slipped" along the outline everywhere except at the corners, that is, that these points are not landmarks but semilandmarks. Right: The same spline extrapolated threefold. Its summary by a pair of discrete features, the shrinkage at genu and the directional displacement of the isthmus-splenium boundary, is now quite clear.

and write Uj = U(p — Pj), where U is the function U(r) = r2 log r. Then build up matrices

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