Score Reporting Examination Results

When you take a Step, the computer records your responses. After your test ends, your responses are transmitted to the NBME for scoring. The number of test items you answer correctly is converted to two equivalent scores, one on a three-digit score scale and one on a two-digit score scale. Both scales are used for score reporting purposes. On the three-digit scale, most scores fall between 160 and 240. The mean score for first-time examinees from accredited medical schools in the United States is in the range of 200 to 220, and the standard deviation is approximately 20. Your score report will include the mean and standard deviation for recent administrations of the Step.

The two-digit score is derived from the three digit score. It is used in score reporting because some medical licensing authorities have requirements that include language describing a "passing score of 75." The two-digit score is derived in such a way that a score of 75 always corresponds to the minimum passing score.

USMLE score reports and transcripts show your scores and an indication of whether you passed or failed.

The same information is sent to medical licensing authorities for their use in granting the initial license to practice medicine. To receive a score, you must complete the entire test. You must begin and either exit from or run out of time for each block of the test. If you begin but do not complete a Step, no scores are reported, and the "incomplete examination" attempt appears on your USMLE transcript. If you register for but do not take a Step, no record of the test will appear on your transcript.

If your examination is incomplete, you may request that a score be calculated and reported, with all missed test items scored as incorrect. This score is likely to be lower than the score you would have achieved had you completed all sections of the examination. If you decide to request calculation and reporting of your score, the score will appear on your USMLE transcript as though it were complete. It may not be retracted subsequently.

If you receive notification that your examination resulted in an incomplete attempt, contact your registration entity in writing no later than 45 days after the date the notification is mailed to you if you would like further information on having the score calculated and reported.

If it is determined that you took a Step for which you were not eligible, scores for that test will not be reported or, if previously reported, will be revoked.

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