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If you want to send your USMLE scores to a third party, you must submit a written request and pay a fee. Your scores will be provided in the form of a USMLE transcript.

Examination data (including score information) from USMLE Steps may be used by the USMLE program or made available to third parties for research. In such instances, the data will be confidential, and individual examinees will not be identifiable in any publication.

If you do not wish your score to be made available for research purposes, you must advise the USMLE Secretariat in writing.

Except as described in this bulletin, USMLE scores will not be reported to you or third parties without your written request and payment of the transcript fee.

Your USMLE transcript includes the following:

♦ your complete score history of all Steps that you took;

♦ your history of any examinations for which no scores were reported

♦ indication of whether you have previously taken the former NBME Parts I, II, or III, or Federation Licensing Examination (FLEX);

♦ annotation if you were provided with any test accommodations;

♦ annotation and information documenting classification of any scores classified as indeterminate;

♦ annotation and information documenting any irregular behaviour and

♦ notation of any actions taken against you by medical licensing authorities or other credentialling entities that have been reported to the FSMB Board Action Databank. To obtain your USMLE transcript or have it sent to a third party, you must contact the ECFMG, FSMB, or NBME. Which entity you contact depends on which Steps you have taken and where you want your transcript sent. Contact the FSMB if you want your transcript sent to a medical licensing authority at any time. If you have not taken Step 3 and want your transcript sent to anyone other than a medical licensing authority, the request should be sent to the last entity that registered you.

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