Procedure General Registration

If you have satisfied all the above requirements, then you must apply for Probationary Registration. This is explained in the following section. Immediately you will get interim registration. This enables you to take up jobs. Within a few days, you will be granted Probationary Registration. You must complete a minimum of 12 months working under supervision in an approved position. After the satisfactory completion of this requirements, you can proceed to apply for General Registration. Before contacting the Medical Council about registration, it is better

♦ to become familiar with immigration requirements. (Don't worry, it is not complicated)

♦ investigate job prospects in your chosen field. (Many young doctors will choose the field where they get a position.)

The above two steps enable you to

♦ an offer of employment in an approved hospital or practice with a supervisor.

The Medical Council does not provide an employment or immigration service for doctors. You will not get response if you contact them regarding immigration and jobs.

Check the job and immigration links we have provided.

Overseas medical students seeking student electives in New Zealand can contact

The Overseas Elective Programme Auckland University School of Medicine Fax: 64-9- 373 7841 Email: [email protected] Alternate email: [email protected].

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