Preparing for AMCE

Candidates should consult the Examination Specifications and Sample Questions for more detailed information on strategies for preparing for the AMC Multiple Choice Question and Clinical Examinations The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination is a comprehensive examination of medical knowledge and practice. The AMC recommends that candidates undertake a thorough review of the major topics covered in the examination.

Candidates should familiarise themselves with the MCQ format. A wide range of general texts is readily available on this form of examination and its associated techniques. The AMC publication Annotated Multiple Choice Questions also covers these aspects.

The questions in the MCQ examination are oriented towards the more common clinical applications, differential diagnosis and therapeutics.For the AMC clinical examination, the candidates should undertake a comprehensive review of clinical skills and differential diagnosis. A review of journals that contain articles dealing with common clinical conditions in the Australian community will be more effective in preparing for the clinical examinations than spending too much time with reference books.

The textbooks will provide background reading on key topics and contain a great deal of reference material. They are not intended as prescribed reading.

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