Overseas Training

United Kingdom Observer Attachments gible to sit the examinations set by the Royal Colleges or equivalent bodies.

A doctor offered a supernumerary post will, after a period of adaptation, be fully involved in the work of the department including taking part in the on-call rota.

Obviously the consultant responsible will have to be satisfied that the doctor has the ability and the necessary experience to carry out the work competently.

A supernumerary post will not be effected until the employing Health Authority has offered an honorary contract of employment.

Getting Observer Attachment

Doctors must arrange observer status themselves by writing directly to hospitals as there is no formal mechanism.

When writing to hospitals, doctors should address their letter to the 'Clinical Director' of the appropriate department or 'The Hospital's Clinical Tutor'. Only a few hospitals will be in a position to take doctors for observer attachments.

Some hospitals may charge a fee for observer attachments.

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