Overseas Training

United Kingdom Observer Attachments

Observer attachments will not count towards the experience required for a doctor to be eligible to sit any examinations set by the Royal Colleges and equivalent bodies.

An overseas doctor does not require registration with the United Kingdom General Medical Council to undertake an observer attachment.

Supernumerary (unpaid) training posts

Postgraduate training in the SHO and Specialist Registrar grades is controlled by the Postgraduate Deans. As a general rule the Deans will not give permission for supernumerary (honorary) training posts though permission may still be given for exceptional reasons. Special arrangements have been made to facilitate training for doctors who are holders of a Scholarship, awarded by an organisation/funding body within their own country, for clinical studies in the United Kingdom. Where a supernumerary post has been offered this will depend on registration with the General Medical Council. The General Medical Council will not grant registration for a supernumerary SHO or Registrar post unless there is a letter of support from the Postgraduate Dean. These posts offer the opportunity to obtain clinical experience but this is unlikely to be accepted for the experience required for a doctor to be eli-

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