Overseas Training

United States Clinical Skills Assessment

♦ your verification and summarization of information with the patients;

♦ the effectiveness of your transitions between different parts of the interview.

& Skills in counselling and delivering information

♦ the clarity of the information you give;

♦ the effectiveness and sincerity of your counselling;

♦ the thoroughness of the encounter closure;

♦ the clarity and appropriateness of your speech;

♦ the effectiveness of your summarization of information and how you link various information together.

& Rapport (connection between doctor and patient)

♦ your attentiveness to the patients;

♦ the appropriateness of your body language;

♦ your confidence level and attitude;

♦ the level of empathy and support you show the patients.

& Personal Manner

♦ your manner of introducing yourself to the patients;

♦ the appropriateness of how you expose and drape the patients;

♦ your manner while conducting physical examinations;

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