Overseas Training

United States USMLE - Step 2

regarding the centres and dates available on or near the date when you wish to take the test.

If your preferred centre or date is not available, the representative will advise you of other nearby centres or alternate dates when a testing appointment is available.

When you schedule your appointment, the Prometric representative will give you specific information which you should note in the space provided on your Scheduling Permit:

♦ the address and telephone number of the Prometric test centre where you will test; and

♦ your Prometric Confirmation Number.

Be sure to record all of this information on your scheduling permit. Do not write anything else on your scheduling permit. If you are testing in the United States or Canada, you may contact the Pro-metric test centre where your appointment is scheduled for needed information such as directions to the centre.

If you are testing outside the United States and Canada, you must contact the Regional Registration Centre for information.

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