Overseas Training

United Kingdom Registration

♦ in the EEA (provided they are also EEA nationals), or

♦ at selected medical schools in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, West Indies and Malaysia (Malaysia-before 1990).

Overseas qualified doctors who are directly applying for Full Registration are required to sit the IELTS test (Academic module) and score 7.0 or above in each band before they can be granted registration. This is not applicable to EEA nationals, those with enforceable EC rights, or applicants for Temporary Full Registration.

EEA doctors are not obliged to take the PLAB test for registration purposes. But many employers, as a condition of employment in the United Kingdom, ask you to produce evidence of a satisfactory standard of English. Some employers ask doctors to take the 'International English Language Testing System' (IELTS) test or other approved English language proficiency test.

Full registration allows doctors to undertake any kind of professional medical employment in the United Kingdom.

However, Overseas Doctors (except EEA) have to satisfy work permit regulations if the post is not a hospital training post. There are also additional regulations for entering general practice.

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