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Irregular behaviour includes any action by applicants, examinees, potential applicants, or others when solicited by an applicant and/or examinee that subverts or attempts to subvert the examination process.

If you have information or evidence indicating that any type of irregular behaviour or any infringement of legal rights has occurred, you should submit a written report to or telephone the USMLE Secretariat or the registration entity.

Specific examples of irregular behaviour include, but are not limited to, the following:

♦ seeking and/or obtaining unauthorized access to examination materials

♦ falsifying information on application forms, Scheduling Permits, or other USMLE documents

♦ taking an examination without being eligible for it

♦ impersonating an examinee or engaging someone else to take the examination for you giving, receiving, or obtaining unauthorized assistance during the examination

♦ making notes of any kind during an examination except on the erasable writing surfaces provided at the test centre

♦ failing to adhere to any USMLE policy, procedure, or rule, including instructions of the test centre staff

♦ disruptive behaviour at a test centre

♦ possessing unauthorized materials, photographic equipment, or communication or recording devices, including electronic paging devices and cellular telephones, during an examination

♦ altering or misrepresenting examination scores

♦ any unauthorized reproduction by any means, including reconstruction through memorization, and/or dissemination of copyrighted examination materials

If information received suggests that irregular behaviour has occurred, statistical analyses may be conducted and additional information may be gathered.

You will be advised of the alleged irregular behaviour and you will have an opportunity to provide information that you consider relevant to the evaluation of the allegation.

Your scores may be withheld, if they have not been reported previously. Step applications will not be processed and you may not be permitted to take subsequent examinations until a final decision regarding irregular behaviour is made.

You will be provided with a copy of the USMLE Procedures Regarding Irregular Behaviour, which describes in detail the process for reaching final decisions regarding irregular behaviour.

If the evidence suggests that the alleged irregular behaviour affects score validity, the score will also be reviewed.

If it is determined that you engaged in irregular behaviour, information regarding this determination becomes part of your USMLE record. Your score report (if applicable) and USMLE transcript will contain a notation regarding the irregular behaviour.

Information about the irregular behaviour will be provided to third parties which receive or have received your USMLE transcript. If it is determined that the irregular behaviour threatens the future integrity of the examination system, you may be barred from future USMLE Steps. The USMLE program has the right to bar an individual from the USMLE or to have special test administration procedures implemented when information regarding behaviour of examinees on the USMLE indicates such actions may be necessary to ensure the security of the USMLE. Looking in the direction of another examinee's computer monitor or talking to another examinee during the examination may be reported as evidence of giving, receiving, or obtaining unauthorized assistance. The report may result in a determination of irregular behaviour. For different issues you need to contact different entities. So, write to the right person to get a reply.

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