Exam Content Step

Step 2 includes test items in the following content areas:

♦ internal medicine

♦ obstetrics and gynaecology

♦ paediatrics

♦ preventive medicine

♦ psychiatry

♦ other areas relevant to provision of care under supervision Most Step 2 test items describe clinical situations and require that you provide one or more of the following:

♦ an indication of underlying mechanisms of disease

♦ the next Step in medical care, including preventive measures Step 2 is a broadly based, integrated examination. It frequently requires interpretation of tables and laboratory data, imaging studies, photographs of gross and microscopic pathologic specimens, and results of other diagnostic studies.

Step 2 classifies test items along two dimensions: physician task and disease category.

Normal Conditions and Disease Categories . Normal growth and development and general principles of care . Individual organ systems or types of disorders

♦ immunologic disorders

♦ diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs

♦ mental disorders

♦ diseases of the nervous system and special senses

♦ cardiovascular disorders

♦ diseases of the respiratory system

♦ nutritional and digestive disorders

♦ gynaecologic disorders

♦ renal, urinary, and male reproductive systems

♦ disorders of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium

♦ disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

♦ diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

♦ endocrine and metabolic disorders

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