During OSCE

You will be provided with all the materials you need during the OSCE. You may not use or refer to any other materials.

At the time of taking examination, Candidates have many pressures like visa and financial problems.

So, some of them may try prohibited methods to improve their performance. This will result in serious consequences, which may affect their future career. Always avoid such temptations. The prohibited and unacceptable practices are:

♦ Copying, stealing, appropriation or use of the work of another.

♦ Permitting or assisting another to copy or use one's own work.

♦ Taking into the OSCE any materials or aids.

♦ Using, attempting to use, assisting another to use or attempting to assist another to use any other unfair, improper or dishonest method to gain advantage in any part of the OSCE process.

♦ Conduct in an OSCE centre which is causing disturbance to other candidates or affecting the proper running of the OSCE.

♦ Communicating or attempting to communicate with any other candidate during the course of an OSCE.

♦ Removal from the OSCE centre any papers, answer sheets or other OSCE materials.

♦ Writing in or attaching to any papers, or giving orally, any message or appeal to an examiner.

♦ The theft or concealment of any material which is the property of the General Medical Council or the OSCE

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