Completing the Test

Once you begin a block of the test, no breaks are provided during the block. Depending on the Step, each block lasts approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

During blocks, the clock continues to run even if you leave the testing room for a personal emergency. If you leave during a block, the test centre staff will report that fact as an irregular incident, and your results may be analyzed for inconsistencies.

Each time you take a break during the testing day, you are required to sign out if you leave the testing room and sign in when you return. You must present your identification and the bottom of your Scheduling Permit each time you sign in. Each block ends when its time expires or when you exit from it.

The test session ends when all blocks have been completed (or the total time for the test expires).

You will sign out as you leave the test centre, hand in the bottom of your Scheduling Permit and the erasable writing surfaces and marker, and receive a notice that you appeared for the test.

After you start taking an examination, you cannot cancel or reschedule that examination, unless a technical problem requires rescheduling. If you experience a computer problem during the test, notify test centre staff immediately.

In the rare event of a technical problem, testing software is designed to allow the test to restart at the point it was interrupted. In most cases, your test can be restarted at the point of interruption with no loss of testing time.

It is possible that a technical problem may occur that requires that your test be rescheduled. In that event, you will be allowed to test at a later date at no additional charge.

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