Break Time

Your entire testing session is scheduled for a fixed amount of time. The computer keeps track of your overall time and the time allocated for each block of the test.

Fifteen minutes are allotted to complete the tutorial and 45 minutes for break time.

The 45 minutes for breaks can be divided in any manner, according to your preference. For example, you can take a short break at your seat after you complete a block, or you can take a longer break for a meal outside the test centre after you complete a few blocks.

If you do not use the entire 15 minutes for the tutorial or if you complete a block of the test early, the remaining time will be available for breaks. It will not be available to complete other blocks of the test. As you progress through the blocks of the test, you should monitor how many blocks are remaining and how much break time is remaining. If you take too much break time and exceed the allocated or accumulated break time, your time to complete the last block in the testing session will be reduced.

After you complete or run out of time for each block during the test, you must respond when the computer asks you to indicate whether you want to take a break or continue.

If you complete the test with overall time remaining, you will be asked to complete an additional block that contains survey questions asking for information on your testing experience.

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