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Benders' dictionary of nutrition and food technology (ISBN 1 85573 475 3) D. A. Bender and A. E. Bender

This classic dictionary remains an essential reference book for all those who need to know about nutrition, dietetics, food sciences and food technology. The Seventh edition provides succinct, authoritative definitions of over 5000 terms in nutrition and food technology (an increase of 25% from the previous edition). Definitions range from abalone and abscisic acid to zymogens and zymotachygraph. In addition, there is nutrient composition data for 287 foods.

'This valuable book continues to fulfil the purpose of explaining to specialists in other fields the technical terms in nutrition and food processing.' Chemistry and Industry

'The book is certainly comprehensive and covers all aspects of food and nutrition sciences . . . Since obtaining a copy I have had occasion to use the dictionary on an almost daily basis.' BNF Nutrition Bulletin

Functional foods: concept to product (ISBN 1 85573 503 2) G. R. Gibson and C. M. Williams

Functional foods are widely predicted to become one of the biggest dietary trends of the next twenty-five years. The editors of this book have gathered together leading experts in the field in order to provide the food industry with a single authoritative resource. This book first defines and classifies the field of functional foods, paying particular attention to the legislative aspects in both the USA and EU. It then summarises the key work on functional foods and the prevention of disease. Finally, there is a series of chapters on developing functional products.

Antioxidants in food: practical applications (ISBN 1 85573 463 X) J. Pokorny, N. Yanishlieva and M. Gordon

Antioxidants are an increasingly important ingredient in food processing, as they inhibit the development of oxidative rancidity in fat-based foods, particularly meat and dairy products and fried foods. Recent research suggests that they play a role in limiting cardiovascular disease and cancers. This new book provides a review of the functional role of antioxidants and discusses how they can be effectively exploited by the food industry, focusing on naturally occurring antioxidants in response to the increasing consumer scepticism over synthetic ingredients.

'An excellent reference book to have on the shelves.' LWT Food Science and Technology

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