5q-Syndrome A type of myelodysplasia associated with deletion of the long arm of chromosome 5 and therefore with multiple gene dysfunctions. Genes involved include the tumour suppressor IRF1, and those for IL5, CDC25C, IL3, CSF2 and POP2.

9E3 pCEF-4 A cytokine produced by chicken cells infected with Rous sarcoma virus. Has significant amino acid identity with both human IL8 and human GROalpha.

14-3-3 proteins Family of adapter proteins able to interact with a range of signalling molecules including c-Raf, Bcr, PI-3-kinase, polyoma middle T-antigen. Bind to phos-phorylated serine residues in cdc25C and block its further activity, may bind Bad (death inducer) thereby blocking heteromeric interaction with Bcl-XL, and in plants bind and inhibit activity of phosphorylated nitrate reductase. Basic mode of action may be to block specific proteinprotein interactions. There are seven highly conserved human 14-3-3 proteins that are involved in cellular proliferation, checkpoint control and apoptosis. More than 200 14-3-3 target proteins have been identified, including proteins involved in mitogenic and cell survival signalling, cell cycle control and apoptotic cell death.

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