EGF See epidermal growth factor EGFlike domain

EGF receptor HER-1 Receptor tyrosine kinase encoded by c-erbB1. Member of the Type I family of growth factor receptors that also includes TGFa receptor, heregulin receptor.

EGF-like domain Region of 30-40 amino acids containing 6 cysteines found originally in EGF, and also in a range of proteins involved in cell signalling. Examples: TGFa, amphiregulin, urokinase, tissue-plasminogen activator, complement C6-C9, fibronectin, laminin (each subunit at least 13 times), nidogen, selectins. It is also found in the Drosophila gene products: Notch (36 times) Delta, Slit, Crumbs, Serrate.

EGFP Enhanced green fluorescent protein, often used as a reporter gene.

egg-polarity gene A gene whose product distribution in the egg determines the anterior-posterior axis of subsequent development. Best characterized in Drosophila: see bicoid, maternal-effect gene.

eglin C A peptidase inhibitor (70 amino acids) from leech (Hirudo medicinalis) but now available as a recombinant protein. A member of the potato chymotrypsin inhibitor family of serine peptidase inhibitors. In particular, inhibits neutrophil elastase and cathepsin-G.

Egr-1 Early growth response 1 (Egr-1) gene encodes an immediate-early response transcription factor, one of a family of C2H2-type zinc-finger proteins; upregulated after a variety of stresses.

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