Benzamidine A potent inhibitor of serine endopeptidases such as thrombin and trypsin

benzimidazole N,N' -Methenyl-o-Phenylenediamine Benzimidazole and its derivatives are used in organic synthesis and vermicides or fungicides. An example of benzimidazole class fungicides is benomyl.

benzodiazepines Class of drugs that are anxiolytics or hypnotics, widely used in medical practice as CNS depressants. Enhance the inhibitory action of GABA by modulating GABA receptors. Diazepam (Valium) is commonly used for relieving anxiety, and nitrazepam (Mogadon) for inducing hypnosis. Chlordiazepoxide (Librium) is also of this class. Are much more addictive than originally believed.

benzonatate A non-narcotic oral antitussive that apparently works by anaesthetizing stretch receptors in the airways.

benzopyrene Polycyclic aromatic compound. Potent mu-tagen and carcinogen.

benzoquinone Cyclohexa-2,5-diene-1,4-dione Compound (p-benzoquinone) used in the production of cortisone, as a tanning agent for leather and also used in photographic chemicals. Can be highly toxic if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

benzotropine mesylate Benzotropine mesilate Anti-muscarinic drug used in treatment of Parkinsonism.

benzyl penicillin The first of the penicillins, but still extensively used to treat streptococcal, gonococcal and meningococcal infections. Is inactivated by bacterial peni-cillinases.

beri-beri A vitamin deficiency disease (deficiency of vitamin B1, thiamine), causing peripheral nerve lesions and/or heart failure.

Berk-Sharp technique S1 mapping A technique of genetic mapping in which mRNA is hybridized with single-stranded DNA and the non-hybridized DNA then digested with S1 nuclease; the residual DNA that hybridized with the messenger is then characterized by restriction mapping.

Bernard-Soulier syndrome Genetic deficiency in platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib (CD42); platelets aggregate normally (cf. Glanzmann's thrombasthenia) but do not stick to collagen of sub-endothelial basement membrane.

Berovin Calcium-activated photoprotein from the coelen-terate Beroe. See aequorin.

beryllicosis Berylliosis Chronic beryllium poisoning. Causes serious and usually permanent lung damage.

Best's carmine Histochemical stain that can be used to demonstrate the presence of glycogen, which stains deep red.

beta Entry prefix is generally, but not universally, ignored for alphabetical reference; look for main portion of word.

beta-2-microglobulin fi-2-microglobulin Immunoglo-bulin-like polypeptide (12 kDa, homologous with the constant region of Ig) that is found on the surfaces of most cells, associated non-covalently with Class I histocompatibility antigens.

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