Amnesic shellfish poisoning

AMD Age-related macular degeneration, a complex multifactorial disease that affects the central region of the retina. See hemicentin.

amelia Congenital abnormality in which one or more limbs are completely absent. Tetra-amelia is a rare autosomal-recessive human genetic disorder characterized by complete absence of all four limbs, and other anomalies; a WNT3 mutation in tetra-amelia indicates that WNT3 is required at the earliest stages of human limb formation.

ameloblasts Columnar epithelial cells that secrete the enamel layer of teeth in mammals. Their apical surfaces are tapering (Tomes processes) and are embedded within the enamel matrix.

amelogenins Extracellular matrix proteins (20 and 25 kDa) of developing dental enamel; regulate form and size of hydroxyapatite crystallites during mineralization. Hydrophobic and proline-rich, produced by ameloblasts.

Ames test One of a number of procedures used to test substances for likely ability to cause cancer that combines the use of animal tissue (usually liver-derived) to generate active metabolites of the substance with a test for muta-genicity in bacteria.

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