Albers Schoenberg disease See osteopetrosis

albinism Condition in which no melanin (or other pigments) is present.

albino Organism deficient in melanin biosynthesis. Hair and skin are unpigmented and the retinal pigmented epithelium is transparent, making the eyes appear red.

Albino3 An Arabidopsis nuclear gene essential for chloro-plast differentiation, encodes a chloroplast protein that is the translocase responsible for the Sec-independent insertion of light-harvesting chlorophyll-binding protein into the chloroplast membrane. Has similarities to Oxa1 and YidC, proteins present in bacterial membranes and yeast mitochondria.

alboaggregin Alboaggregin A is a C-type lectin (50 kDa) from the white-lipped tree viper (Trimeresurus albolabris); causes platelet aggregation through acting as a platelet GPIb agonist. Alboaggregin B also has platelet-aggregating activity but is calcium independent. Similar in action to botrocetin.

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