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AIDS and cultural discourse See cultural

In practice, buyers' clubs vary widely. Some of the smaller ones skip the considerable paperwork of incorporating as a nonprofit, so technically they are for-profit businesses even if they do not actually make money. Some clubs will ship products others are not set up to do that. Some need to collect money in advance before placing orders others have stock on hand. clubs are located throughout the united States, and in foreign countries as well.

Nutritional supplement

In addition to attempts to synthesize and characterize Cr(III)-nicotinate complexes, the products of reaction of Cr(III) sources and the related pyridinecarboxylic acids picolinic acid (2-carboxypyridine) and isonicotinic acid (4-carboxypyridine) 65 have also been studied in some detail. Chromium(III) picolinate, Cr(pic)3, has been the most thoroughly studied of these synthetic products and has become a very popular nutritional supplement products containing Cr(pic)3 generate over one hundred million dollars in sales annually as the supplement is available over-the-counter in numerous forms including pills, chewing gums, sports drinks, and nutrition bars. Cr(pic)3 is a relatively well absorbed form of chromium ( 2 efficiency compared to dietary chromium which is only absorbed with approximately 0.5 efficiency) 62, 64 . (This degree of absorption or bioavailability versus dietary chromium or inorganic chromic salts is not unique and is shared by other organic Cr(III) ligand-complexes...

Stock Market To Stem Cell Laboratory

Another possibility is that the start-up costs for a state-of-the-art laboratory, the cost of high-tech equipment, and the price of attracting top talent are simply beyond all but billionaire-level capitalists. There are no firm estimates for how much money it takes to start up a biotech firm or a stem cell lab. But the numbers that enter a discussion on the subject range from several million dollars up to 3 billion the sum total of what California itself is willing to spend over a decade

Colouring with arsenic

There are some naturally occurring green minerals such as malachite, which is copper carbonate, but artists and painters who required this colour often used verdigris, the copper pigment that forms slowly on copper when it is exposed to the air. Others mixed blue and yellow pigments to get the green they wanted. All this changed with the appearance of a beautiful green chemical called Scheele's green, named after Karl Scheele (1742-86). This was copper arsenite* which Scheele first made in 1775, and he realized he could make money from the manufacture of it as a new green pigment. In

Creating an Environment Ripe for Change

Sutton (2001) offers what he calls weird ideas for managing creativity (p. 97). For example, rather than rewarding success and punishing failure, he recommends rewarding success and failure and punishing inaction. When it comes to the need to innovate, he encourages debate rather than conflict avoidance, defiance of bosses and peers rather than obedience, and looking away from past methods of solving the same problem. Says Sutton, these unconventional ideas tend to work because they, like innovation itself, are not in line with the primary activities of most organizations. Explained another way, most organizations rely on tried-and-true methods to make money and solve problems. One has to become radical to innovate.

Allergy and Immunology

Millions of people suffer from allergies, which ultimately affects their workplace productivity and results in billions of dollars lost each year. These reactions include respiratory diseases (asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis), adverse drug effects, and unusual skin rashes. Because allergies have an underlying immunologic component, these specialists are also experts on antibodies, antigens, and other complex

Inflammation And Venous Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and its acute and chronic sequelae are a significant source of morbidity, mortality, and cost to the American public. American Heart Association statistics document two million cases of DVT each year with the incidence of DVT increasing as the population ages.1 Pulmonary embolus (PE) accounts for 200,000 deaths each year, and the annual cost of the treatment of VTE is measured in billions of dollars.2 We have found that VTE is noted in one percent of all medicare inpatient discharges.3

The Commercialization of Healthcare Providers and the SARS Crisis

Under the circumstance, the increase in healthcare costs driven by provider-induced over-consumption is inevitable. As Figure 8 shows, health expenditure per capita grew sharply in the 1990s, and particularly in the late 1990s the growth was accelerated. From 1996 onwards, the growth of health expenditure outpaced the growth of GDP and income. As far as the costs for healthcare services (but rather than more general health expenditure) are concerned, the situation is more severe. Chinese patients now have to have much more money for seeking outpatient and hospitalization services (see Figure 9).

Why Men Tip Better than Women

Their incomes depend on tips. To economists, leaving tips in restaurants is the classic example of irrational human kindness tips are voluntary donations to non-relatives who are unlikely to reciprocate. According to standard Darwinian models, we should all be very bad tippers. But that is not what we observe. Instead, most waitresses report that groups of men leave much better tips than groups of women, and men on dates with women leave especially good tips if they pay for the meal. That is consistent with sexual selection favoring displays of generosity. One might argue that men leave bigger tips because they have more money to spare. But that is an economically naive argument, because selfish men could have eaten in a slightly more expensive restaurant, or ordered more expensive wine, and left a smaller tip. It is also an evolutionarily fallacious argument in a more interesting sense it begs the question of why the men bothered to make more money in the first place.

Current mechanisms of rationing

The primary agent in rationing is the fixed budget. This, in subtle or unsubtle format, works from the top of the NHS to the bottom. The rationing of surgical care by waiting list is perhaps the clearest example the inability to afford beds and operating time leads to a waiting list. It does indeed force an increase in day surgery and shorter stays but these do not suffice and the waiting list remains in place. Health authorities could and regularly do earmark more money to reduce the waiting list if they judge the operations present on the waiting list to be of sufficient clinical importance and the regular panic event of the waiting list initiative shows what can be achieved, but in most prioritisation exercises the treatment of low urgency surgical problems does not score highly. Health purchasing authorities may simply ration by allocating an inadequate global budget, but in most instances they now attempt to be more proactive and specify how their finite budget is to be used by...

Learning from the Pilot One Story

Lotus Institute partnered in a knowledge management pilot project with the tax practice of a large consulting firm. New ideas make money in the tax field. Ideas in the international tax field have short lifespans because tax laws are always changing. The concept is to come up with new ideas for investing or saving money before tax and revenue services can close the loophole you're using. A good, unique, timely idea can represent a huge financial advantage. And several resulted from this project.

Herbicide Tolerant Soybeans

Another issue surrounding transgenic HTCs is of monetary concern to herbicide manufacturers and agritech companies, which increasingly are one and the same. Any economic advantage enjoyed by a company, such as Monsanto, could be lost when relevant patents expire on its profitable herbicides. However, additional genetic engineering might come to its rescue. One way that a company might stay one step ahead of the game is to further engineer their herbicide-tolerant crops by inserting another gene (an inducible promoter) that activates the herbicide-resistance gene only when the plant is exposed to a specific chemical compound. To make money, the company then could add this particular chemical to a new and proprietary herbicide.

Downloadable Competency 5 Building Alliances Through Attention to Emotional Needs

Trends in the workplace such as shift work, long hours, harassment, low wages, downsizing, and the burdens imposed by technology contribute to more anger and anxiety in employees than ever before (Helge, 2001). Stress, job dissatisfaction, and anxiety disorders cost employers, collectively, billions of dollars per year in health care. Other costly factors that may not be as easy to measure include absenteeism, poor productivity and

Pleistocene Flirting Versus Modern Dating

Now consider what happens in modern courtship. We take our dates to restaurants where we pay professional chefs to cook them great food, or to dance clubs where professional musicians excite their auditory systems, or to films where professional actors entertain them with vicarious adventures. The chefs, musicians, and actors do not actually get to have sex with our dates. They just get paid. We get the sex if the date goes well. Of course, we still have to talk in modern courtship, and we still have to look reasonably good. But the market economy shifts much of the courtship effort from us to professionals. To pay the professionals, we have to make money, which means getting a job. The better our education, the better our job, the more money we can make, and the better the vicarious courtship we can afford. Consumerism turns the tables on ancestral patterns of human courtship. It makes courtship a commodity that can be bought and sold.

Biomaterials Availability

3 The most well known of these cases are those involving Dow Corning and silicone breast implants. Despite scientific evidence to the contrary, Dow Corning was driven into bankruptcy, and billions of dollars paid out to plaintiffs and trial lawyers over alleged autoimmune disorders from silicone gel-filled implants. Other well-known cases involved the Dalkon Shield IUD made by A.H. Robins, several cases involving pacemaker leads, and suits against Vitek for its TMJ joint implant product. In the Vitek case, DuPont found itself spending millions of dollars to extricate itself from deep-pocket liability over the use of a few cents' worth of material by a small company. This case led DuPont to embargo the sale of its Teflon material for medical use. See Ratner et al., Biomaterials Science, 2nd ed., Legal Aspects of Biomaterials Legal Analysis of Biomaterials Access Assurance Act of 1998, Public Law 105-230, and Limiting Liability of Medical Device Materials Suppliers,


Biochemical phenomena that occur in living organisms are extremely sophisticated. In the human body, complex metabolic processes break down a variety of food materials to simpler chemicals, yielding energy and the raw materials to build body constituents, such as muscle, blood, and brain tissue. Impressive as this may be, consider a humble microscopic cell of photosynthetic cyanobacteria only about a micrometer in size, which requires only a few simple inorganic chemicals and sunlight for its existence. This cell uses sunlight energy to convert carbon from CO2, hydrogen and oxygen from H2O, nitrogen from NO-, sulfur from SO2-, and phosphorus from inorganic phosphate into all the proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and other materials that it requires to exist and reproduce. Such a simple cell accomplishes what could not be done by human endeavors even in a vast chemical factory costing billions of dollars.


Ried a much younger woman with a fortune of her own. Things started off well, but, as their family grew, their fortunes started to crumble. The senior Wallace proceeded to make a series of disastrous business investments. As the family lost more and more money they were forced to sell their country estate. For Wallace, science was the antidote to the unfair and hidebound workings of the English theocracy. Resentment against technology brought by the Industrial Revolution had ended. While it had been seen initially as oppressive, workers could now see industry as a way out of poverty. Families like the Darwins and the Wedgwoods had gained entry into the elite classes by adopting technology it was seen as a great equalizer. For Wallace, to study science was to embrace the worldview that brought that technology, and besides, he, like Darwin, loved the natural world. While walking the roads learning the surveying trade he collected and pressed wildflowers, becoming an amateur botanist of...


The result contradicted all these fears the payments, to the amazement of financiers, were made without trouble, public credit increased, and all hurried after loans. During the period of this superpurgation, the course of exchange, an infallible measure of the circulating of money, was in our favor. This was an arithmetical proof that more money came into France than left it. Superficial observers could not account for this eating, without hunger, which seemed limitless. All true Frenchmen, however, rubbed their hands, and said, they are under the charm they have spent this evening more money than they took from the treasury in the morning.

Economic Impact

In addition to the costs associated with acute symptoms, the chronic sequelae from foodborne diseases in general may also have a significant economic impact. Several investigators have estimated that chronic sequelae (including renal disease, cardiac and neurologic disorders, and nutritional and malabsorptive disorders) may occur either directly, because of the acute effects of food poisoning, or indirectly (i.e., triggered by the acute effects), in 2 to 3 of foodborne disease cases (Lindsay, 1997). Based on an annual estimate of 80 million cases of foodborne disease occurring in the U.S., the public-health costs associated with chronic sequelae from foodborne disease in general totals billions of dollars (Bunning et al., 1997).

The NHS Plan

With clinical management structures firmly in place it was clear by the beginning of the Blair government's time in office that these exercises had not solved the resource problems of the NHS, had not mollified public dissatisfaction, and furthermore the scandals of Bristol paediatric heart surgery, Alder Hay, and Harold Shipman gave ammunition to the view that health care could not be entrusted to doctors. Three things were perceived as necessary more money, a change in culture, and as a corollary to raise the chances of success, more control.

Nelson L Garnett

OLAW is part of the NIH, the primary government funding source for biomedical research. My immediate boss is responsible for the arm of NIH that funds billions of dollars worth of research at universities and other institutions in the United States and abroad. About half of that research includes some animal component. OLAW is composed of three major components Assurances, Compliance, and Education. The total staff has recently grown to 10, including seven professionals and three support staff. We are responsible for monitoring approximately 1000 institutions that receive PHS support.

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