flagellar basal body The major structure of the flagellar motor, consisting of ring structures and a rod. flagellar motor A molecular machine that converts the energy of proton flow into rotational force. master genes Flagellar genes that regulate the expression of all the other flagellar genes, sitting at the top of the hierarchy of flagellar regulons. polymorphic transition The interconversion of helical forms on a flagellar filament in a discrete or stepwise manner. type III secretion system One of the protein export systems that does not use the general secretory pathway. It consists of many protein components.

The Flagellum is an organelle of bacterial motility. It consists of several substructures: the filament, the hook, the basal body, the C ring, and the C rod. The flagellar motor, an actively functional part of the flagellum, can generate torque from proton-motive force. The structural aspects of the flagellum are described here, revealed in pursuit of the identity of the flagellar motor.

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