Premoistened Wipes and Towelettes

These products are relatively recent additions to the consumer market. Baby wipes were the first premoistened wipes to penetrate the market significantly. Now, this range of products includes flushable personal cleansing cloths and products targeted specifically for women. The formulations of these products vary, but consist mainly of water with mild surfactant, preservatives, antimicrobials, and fragrance. Some brands include skin treatment agents, such as lotions with vitamin E or aloe.

Major manufacturers have developed means for testing premoistened wipes for potential skin irritant effects. These include long-term use testing as well as exaggerated exposure methods designed specifically for these products, such as the modified forearm-controlled application test designed by The Procter & Gamble Company for Wipes™ (29). There are very few reports in the literature of adverse reactions to these products.

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