Other Products for Cleanliness and Odor Control

A variety of other products are available for use by women to control odor. These include feminine deodorant sprays, body splashes, fragrances, and feminine suppositories.

Feminine deodorant sprays first entered the market in 1962 in Europe and in 1966 in the United States. Typically, these products are packaged in an aerosol or pump spray for external use, primarily to be applied on or adjacent to the female genitalia to absorb moisture, deodorize, neutralize, or otherwise control odor (31). These products may contain antimicrobial agents, astringents, and perfumes (32). In their early days, some of these products contained talcum powder to absorb moisture, but the modern products have replaced talcum with corn-starch or baking soda. The aerosol products also contain propellants.

There are few reports in the scientific literature of adverse reactions of modern feminine deodorant sprays. A careful choice of ingredients and safety testing prior to marketing minimize any risks of irritation or sensitization.

Other products available for odor control are feminine suppositories containing antimicrobials, such as benzalkonium chloride. Such products are often used after small surgical procedures. However, some brands are advertised as deodorants and sold for routine use.

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