Normalcy Of Irritative Symptoms

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Irritative symptoms have been reported to occur in normal women. Twenty-six volunteer health-care workers took vaginal swabs periodically throughout an eight-week period and maintained symptom diaries (28). The investigators divided the women into four groups on the basis of microscopy and cultures: a normal group (eight subjects), a Candida group (eight subjects), a BV group (10 subjects), and an ureaplasma group (10 subjects); an individual woman might change groups during the study depending upon the results of her smears. Of the eight normal patients, six had some symptoms of irritation, discharge, or odor during the course of the study. Intriguingly, there was no significant difference noted between the groups with regard to the number of women who had symptoms more than two days per week.

Another study found that 6 of 74 subjects (8%) experienced pruritus during the premenstrual period (days 19 to 24 of the cycle); four of these had positive Candida cultures (25).

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