All females, regardless of age, are vulnerable to vulvar irritation and disease. Sometimes the irritation is short lived and may not cause the individual to seek treatment. Symptoms can be mild to severe, intermittent to constant, and predictable or unpredictable. Typically, a woman decides to see a health-care provider when she has begun to experience a disruption in her daily activities, which, most likely, has begun to affect her sexual life as well as her self-esteem (1 -4).

This chapter identifies and describes common vulvovaginal symptoms and their associated conditions that health-care providers encounter frequently in clinical practice. This chapter also provides the clinician with a practical approach for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions. Treating vulvovaginal disorders appropriately requires the health-care provider to incorporate his or her knowledge and skills in gynecology, dermatology, infectious diseases, and psychology.

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