InMarket Consumer Tests

Different types of in-market consumer tests are undertaken to maximize the success of the new product design and to minimize the risk of consumer dissatisfaction when the product is finally made available to the marketplace.

Product Test

Within this large-scale quantitative test, women are exposed to the product design. They are asked to use the product under regular usage conditions over a menstrual cycle. At the end of the wearing test, women receive a questionnaire about the product, allowing them to rate the different product-performance parameters and also to compare the new product with the one ordinarily use.

Concept and Use Test

This is a pretest market large-scale quantitative technique. In addition to evaluating the pure product performance, product manufacturers test the concept of how to clearly present it to consumers, as well as its "fit" with the overall brand under which it is envisioned to be sold in the market.

Test Market

Prior to a wide market rollout, a new product or product design might be launched first in a test market, allowing the product manufacturer to gain more in-market experience. Typically, for this test, a city with a representative population distribution is selected. Most companies developing feminine hygiene products follow extensive testing programs, as not only do they want to be sure that the new product design fully meets the consumers' needs, they also gather useful information about the safety of using the product.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Facts

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