Effects Of Menses And Venous Blood On The Skin

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Some women report vulvar irritation during the menstrual period. To assess whether menses contributes to vulvar irritation, we performed a four-day skin patch test of menses and venous blood on the labia majora and on the upper arm in 20 women volunteers (24). Compositional differences between blood and menses (e.g., proteinase content) (25) and anatomical differences in irritant susceptibility (26,27) could affect the erythema response.

In brief, physiologic saline (non-irritant control), aqueous sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS, 0.6% weight/volume, irritant control), and each volunteer's own venous blood and menses (collected overnight with an intravaginal cup) (0.3 mL each) were applied for two, consecutive 24-hour periods to the lateral labia majora (randomized across two clipped sites on each labium) and to the upper arm (randomized across five sites per arm). Occlusive patches were applied to the labia and to one upper arm; semi-occlusive patches were applied to the alternate arm. The fifth site on each arm was pretreated with a proprietary, petrolatum-based emollient prior to menses application. A standard five-point erythema scale was used to score skin irritation (28,29).

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How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

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