Consumer Comments From Market

The process described in this section is based on the experiences of the Procter & Gamble Company with their pads, tampons, and panty liners, but similar processes on handling postlaunch consumer comments are available at other large companies producing feminine hygiene products.

Products are launched in the market typically with the means to contact the producing company included in the package artwork (mostly located on the side or back panel), providing consumers with an easy way to express their experience with the product or marketing. When the consumer contacts the producing company, the consumer comments-handling process is activated within the company.

Consumers contact the producing company for three different reasons:

1. Testimonial. Consumers may provide positive feedback to the producing company. For example, if they are very satisfied with the improved protection that the newly launched feminine hygiene product offers; they often claim that they would also recommend the product to their friends or family.

2. Inquiry. Consumers may ask questions or make requests and/or suggestions. For example, women would like to better understand the differences between the many feminine hygiene products a company sells or they may suggest a design/package improvement.

3. Complaints. Women express dissatisfaction, complaining of a problem or an adverse event. For example, they are unable to locate the product they want to buy or find that the product does not perform to their expectations.

A more in-depth analysis of consumers' comments allows the company to define follow-up actions properly.

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