The vulva is a physiologically unique area and requires unique therapeutic consideration. Therapies that are used to treat general disease may not have the same effect when used to treat the vulvar area. It is important to address the need for specific treatment options for this area.

This chapter reviews current therapies for common vulvar conditions. Though these disorders are encountered commonly in the population, there are few convincing data supporting therapeutic regimens. Most of the recommended treatment options are based on clinical experience and case reports, with few supportive clinical trials. There are alarmingly few RCTs proving treatment safety or efficacy, or determining optimal doses, preparations, or length of therapy. Existing studies have small participant populations and are methodologically imperfect. As a result, few conclusions can be made safely.

With women comprising over half of the U.S. population, it is essential that we gain understanding about the specific nature of the vulva, and how this affects the ways that we treat disease processes specific to this area. Further research is needed in order to appropriately elucidate safety, effectiveness, and physiologic mechanisms of available vulvar therapies.

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