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Historically, clinicians prescribed oral fluconazole as a treatment, despite little evidence of efficacy, based on a presumptive association with Candida infection (59,60). In one of the few long-term, follow-up studies of this approach, maintenance antifungal therapy resulted in a 71% cure rate among women who had positive Candida cultures at initial diagnosis (3).

Injectable interferon-^ and interferon-« have been investigated with mixed results on the basis of the presumptive association of VVS with HPV infection (61-64). Treatment appeared to be more effective in HPV-associated cases. Recent reports of a genetic deficiency in interferon-« production among some VVS patients (30) have led to a resurgence of interest in therapy with exogenous interferon-« targeted at the appropriate subset of afflicted women (65).

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All Natural Yeast Infection Treatment

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