Fellowships And Subspecialty Training

Completion of residency in general surgery and passing the American Board of Surgery's certifying examination allows physicians to practice as general surgeons only. There are many subspecialty areas, however, that build on this experience for advanced operations: cardiothoracic, vascular, transplant, and more. Inter

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Surgery $401,440 Colon & Rectal

Surgery $277,441

General Surgery $255,304

Pediatric Surgery $270,593 Transplant Surgery

(kidney) $217,327 Transplant Surgery

Trauma Surgery $320,821

Vascular Surgery $286,286

Source: American Medical Group Association

vital signs ested residents usually have solid research experience, have clinical experience in that subspecialty, and have published research papers or case reports. (Note: The surgical subspecialties described in other chapters, such as urology, have their own separate residency programs, which include a foundation in general surgery but do not require completion of the entire general surgery residency. They are also not considered fellowships).

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