Parts 862 to 1050

These parts describe special requirements for the following devices:

862 Clinical chemistry and clinical toxicology devices

864 Hematology and pathology devices

866 Immunology and microbiology devices

868 Anesthesiology devices

870 Cardiovascular devices

872 Dental devices

874 Ear, nose, and throat devices

876 Gastroenterology-urology devices

878 General and plastic surgery devices

880 General hospital and personal use devices

882 Neurological devices

884 Obstetrical and gynecological devices

886 Orthopedic devices

888 Physical medicine devices

890 Radiology devices 892 Banned devices

898 Performance standard for electrode lead wires and patient cables 900 Mammography

1004 Repurchase, repairs, or replacement of electronic products

1005 Importation of electronic products

1010 Performance standards for electronic products: general 1020 Performance standards for ionizing radiation-emitting products 1030 Performance standards for microwave- and radio frequency-emitting products

1040 Performance standards for light-emitting products 1050 Performance standards for sonic, infrasonic, and ultrasonic radiation-emitting products

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