Dlp Envisiontec Perfactory

Digital light processing (DLP) is a photopolymer method to build parts. Envisiontec GmbH (Marl, Germany, www.envisiontec.de) markets this technology in its Perfactory system. In this process an entire image is projected onto the surface of a vat of photopolymer. The Perfactory lens system from Envisiontec is based on Texas Instruments DLP technology. In this method, a MEMS chip reflects an image off millions of mirrors through an optical engine into the surface of the resin to be cured. In this system a layer of material is exposed at one time, rather than traced with a single or dual laser. The system uses a visible light projector bulb to cure the resin, and therefore no UV laser or jetting technologies are involved.9 The Perfactory is one of a new generation of RP machines

9 http://rapid.lpt.fi/rp-ml-current/0082.html.

meant for in-house prototyping and the direct manufacturing market, suitable for nonshop environments.

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