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This review shows that SLN detection in operative and conservative treatment is now an international focus of research interest. Several research projects are based on interdisciplinary radiological, nuclear medical, and histopathological and immunohisto-chemical approaches.

Even for some neoplasms, such as breast cancer and malignant melanoma, which have already been the subjects of many studies, there are still open problems and definitive answers to important questions are still lacking. Whereas localization of the sentinel node(s) can be determined in a high proportion of cases, it is still not possible to say definitively on the basis of imaging results whether incipient metastatic involvement is present preop-eratively. Some sophisticated approaches that may be successful in the near future are based on PET, iron oxide nanocolloid application, and the use of labeled monoclonal antibodies or their fragments directed at the surface structures of cancer cells. Another problem is the delineation of the lymphatic stream, especially in head and neck tumors and tumors of different categories draining into the nodes of the inguinal region. These problems arise when the primaries are located in different compartments and organ structures and the lymphatics do not follow a linear course but form networks, some of them intensive. Therefore, we must always think in three dimensions.

Consideration of the progress made as the result of research into breast cancer and malignant melanoma makes it clear that future developments will point the way for increased RO resection. This progress and the ongoing investigations worldwide with highly specialized techniques lead us to hope that there will be further successful developments.

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