Dependence of Adjuvant Therapy Regimens in SCCs of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract and the Face on SLN Status

SCCs of the localization cited in the heading with local extension >1 cm have an increased risk for metastasis. Therefore, radiotherapists sometimes recommend locoregional radiation therapy, at least in cases with high-grade cancers. This option is also adopted in some cases without suspicious lymph nodes and in cases with investigation of the sentinel nodes that yield a negative result.

In a retrospective study on a large melanoma database with >8000 cases of malignant melanomas (American Joint Committee on Cancer), in 39 cases stage I and II melanomas analyses of the pre- or intraparotidean SLNs were carried out (Olilla et al. 1999). The patients had intraoperative lymphatic mapping to identify the SLNs in the parotid gland area.

The following results were obtained (Table 5).

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