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A new theory of the cell

The extraordinary thing about codes is that they require a new entity. In addition to energy and information they require meaning. For centuries, meaning has been regarded as a spiritual or a transcendental entity, but the very existence of the genetic code proves that it is as natural as information. And in fact we can define meaning with an operative procedure just as we do with any other natural entity. Meaning is an object which is related to another object via a code. The meaning of the word apple, for example, is the mental object of the fruit which is associated to the mental object of that word by the code of the English language (needless to say, the code of another language would associate a different mental object to the same word). The meaning of a combination of dots and dashes is a letter of the alphabet, in the Morse code. The meaning of a combination of three nucleotides is usually an amino acid, in the genetic code (from which it follows that the meaning of a gene is...

Acculturation and Mental Health Symptoms

Patterns of migration and acculturation vary from one Colombian to another. Some live, work, and barely function, but avoid acculturation, refusing to learn English and living a Colombian lifestyle within the boundaries of their households. At the other extreme, some become very assimilated, marry Anglo-Saxons, and want little to do with their culture of origin. The majority, in the middle, become acculturated in various ways but struggle to preserve their original culture. Many travel frequently to Colombia to visit relatives, and the majority spend large amounts of money on telephone calls. Nostalgia

Summary And Conclusions

That is vocabulary, more than any other factor, predicted how well L1 and high-achieving L2 learners would do on the reading and story comprehension tasks. However, the metacognitive factors of theory of mind and metacognitive language contributed more to reading and story comprehension for lower-achieving L2 children in Grade 4 and for lower-language L2 children in Kindergarten - Grade 2. It is noteworthy that children in these studies were deemed to be L2 learners, and not bilingual children. This is important to keep in mind, as effects of bilingualism have actually been associated with increased cognitive performance in general and with theory of mind in particular (Bialystok, 1988 Goetz, 2003). Nevertheless more detailed analyses of the L2 children's English language capabilities may show further interaction effects between metacognitive factors and reading.

Overseas Training

Kingdom may require them to prove that their knowledge of English is satisfactory as a condition of being offered a post. This may be done in various ways they may accept a recognised English language qualification held by the doctor or require him or her to sit the International English Language Test (IELTS) or another English language exam or they may assess the standard of English at an interview.

Language of the Deaf Acquisition of English

Effective English language skills are essential for the education of deaf children and for the integration of deaf individuals into the wider, hearing society. However, the average deaf student's English language competence over the course of his or her schooling is limited. Although periodic reviews of nationwide achievement testing reveal some improvement in the average reading levels of deaf students over the past 30 years, the increase is small, and in English literacy skills most deaf students fall farther and farther behind their hearing peers over the course of their schooling. The average reading comprehension scores for deaf students in the United States rises from the second-grade level at age 9 to around the fourth-grade level at age 17 (de Villiers, 1992). Among white deaf high school graduates, only about 15 read above the sixth-grade level, and the percentage is only about 5 for those who are from African-American or Hispanic backgrounds (Allen, 1994).

ASL and Finger Spelling

There are some influences on ASL from the surrounding dominant English language culture, for example the importation of loan words from English that are finger-spelled using the manual alphabet to represent English letters. Finger-spelled vocabulary is highly selective, almost always nouns and rarely verbs. In everyday conversations these finger-spelled words are frequently the names of people and places, but in educational settings finger spelling is used to represent technical words and concepts for which there is not a natural sign in ASL. Padden (1998) has argued that this is similar to the way in which most if not all spoken languages import foreign vocabulary words. Indeed, deaf children of deaf parents who cannot yet read or write English begin to produce finger-spelled words as signs before they learn to connect them to English orthography.

Epilepsy Foundation of America Materials

Summary This catalog lists materials available form the Epilepsy Foundation of America including educational materials produced as part of the foundation's transcultural education campaign. Materials have been produced in both English and Spanish and include brochures, posters, a psychosocial seizures inventory, and slides and cassettes. Selected English-language brochures have been revised with special relevance for black communities.

Core Components of Personality

Components Personality

All acquhed and specific skills, such as the English language or statistics, are characteristic adaptations. How quickly we learn (talent, intelligence, aptitude) is a basic tendency what we learn is a characteristic adaptation. Moreover, our dispositions and tendencies are the direct influence on our characteristic adaptations. Characteristic responses are shaped and molded by basic tendencies. What makes them characteristic is their consistency and uniqueness hence, they reflect the operation of enduring personality traits. Echoing Allport, they are adaptations because they are shaped as a response to what the environment has to offer us at any given moment. They allow us to fit mto or adapt to our environment on an ongoing basis.

Syntactical information

Hailman et al. (1985) measured the amount of information that might be conveyed by the chick-a-dee call system of black-capped chickadees. From Shannon and Weaver's (1949) theory of communication, a communicative system with four distinct units (note types) has a maximum uncertainty of two bits of information (UM log2 N, where N number of units). The maximum information in a communicative system occurs when all of the system's units are used with equal probability. As is the case with letters in the English language (e.g. relative use of e vs. x ), however, note types

Neurological Conditions Associated With Amnesia

S.S., a patient we have followed for many years, experienced dense memory loss as a result of HSE (Cermak, 1976 Cermak & O'Connor, 1983). S.S.'s initial presentation was noteworthy for lethargy and headaches followed by a 1 month coma. In the acute stage of his illness, S.S. was aphasic and hemiparetic, but these problems resolved and he was left with a dense amnesia associated with bilateral lesions in anterolateral and medial portions of the temporal lobes, the insula and the putamen. S.S.'s anterograde amnesia is profound. He has not been able to form any new declarative memories for the last three decades. He has not retained any episodic information regarding important family matters and is totally unaware of recent public facts or events. He has also failed to acquire any new semantic knowledge. Strikingly, he has not learned any novel vocabulary introduced into the English language since the onset of his illness, even though he has been exposed to these words repeatedly through...

Biography of Erik Erikson

While in Vienna, Erikson met and with Anna Freud's permission, married Joan Serson, a Canadian-born dancer, artist, and teacher who had also undergone psychoanalysis. With her psychoanalytic background and her facility with the English language, she became a valuable editor and occasional coauthor of Erikson's books.

Recommended Assessment Procedures

Review all pertinent documents and background information. Many Asian countries do not have medical records or cumulative school records. Oral reports are sometimes unreliable. A cultural informant or an interpreter is generally needed to obtain this information because of the lack of English language proficiency of the parents or guardians. Pregnancy and delivery records

Language Impairment in Children Cross Linguistic Studies

For many years the study of language impairment in children focused almost exclusively on children learning English. The past decade has seen a decided and salutary broadening of this exclusive focus as researchers from many nations have become interested in understanding the impaired language acquisition of children speaking diverse languages. The concern for understanding the cross-linguistic nature of developmental language impairment has followed in the path of investigations into the cross-linguistic nature of typical language development that were initiated by Slobin and his colleagues (e.g., Slobin, 1985).

Language Disorders in Latino Children

Latino children exhibit varying degrees of proficiency in both English and Spanish. Given the pervasiveness of English language media, the use of Spanish by the majority of Latino families, and the communities in which Latinos are raised, it is doubtful that many Latino children reach school age as true monolingual Spanish speakers. Some of the children may be considered to be sequential bilinguals because their major exposure prior to entering school was to Spanish and their linguistic skills in English are minimal. These children's main exposure to English will come when they enter school. Impressionistically, many of these children are indistinguishable from monolingual Spanish speakers (e.g., Spanish-speaking children in Mexico). However, differences become apparent when their Spanish is compared with the language spoken by true monolingual Spanish speakers (Merino, 1992). Children who have been exposed to both languages at home and who tend to communicate in both languages, the...

Cultural Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment

One of the most extensively studied of all cultural constructs of Hispanics is acculturation, which refers to the social and psychological process whereby immigrants and their offspring adopt the values, attitudes, and behaviors of the host culture. The relation of acculturation to substance abuse among His-panics has at times been unclear and dependent on the theoretical perspective used by researchers to define acculturation. Most research on acculturation (Garza and Gallegos 1995) has used simplistic, one-dimensional models that do not address the constellation of variables that affect the Hispanic individual in adjusting to United States society. The weight of the literature does suggest that higher levels of acculturation to United States society, as reflected by English language use, is associated with higher levels of drug use (Kail 1993). It has been postulated that Hispanic youth who are more acculturated than their parents may bond less to them, resulting in a less cohesive...

What Do Cranes Have To Do With Anything

The word pedigree comes from the French term pie de grue or crane's foot. The term first appeared in the English language in the 15th century. It described the curved lines, resembling a bird's claw, that were used to connect an individual with his or her offspring (Resta, 1993). Such vestiges of a bird's talons are obvious in the example of a sippschaftstafel drawn by Ernst Rudin shown in Figure 1.1. The sippschaftstafel was a form of depicting family ancestry used by German eugenicists in the early 20th century (Mazumdar, 1992 Resta, 1993).

Bilingualism Speech Issues in

Certain cases lend themselves to obvious identification of interference. For example, if we encounter in the English language productions of a Portuguese-English bilingual child forms like tjiz for tease and tjip for tip, whereby target t turns into tj , we can, with confidence, say that these renditions were due to Portuguese interference, as such substitutions are not commonly observed in developmental phonologies, and the change of t to tj before i is a rule of Portuguese phonology. We may also encounter a third situation in which the seemingly clear distinction between interference and the developmental processes is blurred. This occurs when one or more of the developmental processes are also the patterns followed by the first (dominant) language. An example is final obstruent devoicing in the English language productions of a child with German, Russian, Polish, or Turkish as the first language. Although final obstruent devoicing is a natural process that even occurs in the early...


The Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) evaluates your ability to gather and interpret clinical patient data and communicate effectively in the English language. The CSA assesses whether you can obtain a relevant medical history, perform a focused physical exam and compose a written record of the patient encounter.

The Verbal Group

The Old English inflectional morphology of modals shows that they had some range of verb inflections, certainly more than the present past distinction they have in Modern English two different person endings in the present as well as the preterite a singular plural distinction in the present and preterite. The distinctions are consistent within the Old English class of preterite present verbs, which has more verbs than modals alone. The modals do not, however, occur in participial forms, and the use of infinitival forms is very sparse indeed. The sparse use of infinitival forms indicates that we cannot consider them to be simply lexical verbs.

Application Form

Registration for CSA should be done by submission of the CSA application Form 706. This Form is included in the ECFMG Information Booklet and may also be downloaded from the ECFMG web site. To register for CSA, you must complete Form 706 and send it, with full payment of the assessment fee, to ECFMG by mail (or courier service), following the mailing instructions on the application form. If your application is not complete, it will be returned to you. If ECFMG does not have your USMLE Step 1 or English language proficiency test score at the time your CSA application is received, the application will be returned to you.


Whether the relation between metacognitive factors and story comprehension would continue to be more salient for L2 learners, who were also younger and were just beginning to read and understand stories. In this study, a random sample was employed, rather than a convenience sample selected according to levels. Most of same measures were employed (theory of mind, fables, metacognitive language, general vocabulary), and in Study 2, a short-term memory measure was included the Digit Span Task from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised was used for this purpose. Study 2 participants included 61 Kindergarten children (4 5 years old), 86 Grade 1 children (6 years old), and 81 Grade 2 children (7 years old). There were 73 children who spoke English as a first language, 54 who spoke Cantonese as a first language, 42 children who spoke Tagalog as a first language, and 59 who spoke Ukrainian as a first language. As in Study 1, children were drawn from schools serving a range of...


Fuck is by far the most widely used term for this activity in the English language. In its adjectival form it is also used almost universally as an intensifier, with no particular sexual connection although this usage is considered quite vulgar. See coitus.


A prompt diagnosis of aortic wall injury is mandatory and an aggressive intravenous therapy with vasodilators and beta-blocking drugs must be started to reduce the aortic wall stress and the risk of lethal aortic rupture. The risk of rupture of a periaortic hematoma contained in the mediastinum can be avoided if the systolic blood pressure is constantly maintained below 140 mmHg. Pate et al. 26 analyzed 15 years of English-language literature, and their experience with 112 patients, in their search for evidence of the risk of aortic free hemorrhage in patients affected by acute TAR in the interval between diagnosis and delayed surgical repair. Of the 492 patients in reports specifying the cause of death, 22 (4.5 ) died of aortic rupture, mostly presenting with hemodynamic instability and actively bleeding into the pleural space on arrival in patients in whom the pseudoaneurysm or hematoma is contained within the mediastinum, and who do not present with signs of...


The provinces of the Orange Free State, Transvaal and Natal are the result of the Great Trek, which took place in the latter half of the 1830s. The Trek was the attempt of the Boers to find farmland beyond the reach of the British authority and the English language. Natal was annexed by the British as early as 1843, but the Orange Free State and Transvaal enjoyed the status of independent republics until their defeat by the British in the Boer War of 1899-1901. When founded in the middle of the century, their white population was overwhelmingly Afrikaans-speaking, although the discovery of diamonds and gold in the 1870s and 1880s in these areas attracted many non-Afrikaans-speaking immigrants. These historical events explain why the white population of Natal is predominantly English-speaking, whereas that of Transvaal and the Orange Free State speaks predominantly Afrikaans, especially in the rural areas but also in some cities, as Boers later became city dwellers. In the...