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aHCV RNAQuant PCR: Quantitative RT-PCR for HCV RNA or viral load. b4,017,600 copies/mL.

He tolerated treatment fairly well; major side effects were malaise and myalgias around the day of the injection that decreased in severity as the treatment progressed, weight loss of about 8 lb, and moderate insomnia. He also developed neutropenia and anemia as low as 0.865 x 103/mL and 10.1 g/dL, respectively, which were well tolerated and did not require dose reduction. At the end of week 12 of treatment his viral load had dropped to 1850IU/mL, and by the end of week 24 his HCV RNAQual PCR was negative and remained negative throughout the remaining 24-week of treatment completing a total of 48 weeks. A repeated HCV RNAQual PCR 24-week after finishing his treatment was also negative.

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How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

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