Hot Flash Remedy report

Hot Flash Remedy report

Heres what youll discover in The Hot Flash Remedy report: The herb from central Asia that can stop hot flashes in one week! (page 17) How your brain gets tricked into firing up the furnace and how to recalibrate it. (page 6) 7 lifestyle factors that increase your odds of suffering from hot flashes. (page 19) 9 food items that bring hot flashes on fast and furious! (page 10) The bean that actually makes hot flashes non-existent for women in other countries. (page 12) The secret ingredient in your fruit bowl that extinguishes the flame. (page 17) Why 6 meals a day are better than 3 and eating more often wont make you gain weight! (page 10) How common wildflowers hold the key to shutting down hot flashes. (page 16)

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Hot Flashes and Abdominal Pain

During a routine physical examination, a 45-year-old woman complained to her gynecologist of a 3-month history of transient burning sensations in her face and chest that would last for a few minutes, and then pass. She stated that she experienced these hot flashes between 7 and 8 times per day, and often they disrupted her sleep. She had no other physical complaints, and she denied any menstrual cycle irregularities. To determine whether she was menopausal, the physician ordered a serum follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) test which was 10.9 IU L (premenopausal reference interval 1-10 IU L) on day three of the patient's menstrual cycle. Suspecting the woman's symptoms were due to perimenopausal transition, her doctor prescribed venlafaxine (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), to minimize her hot flashes. Despite treatment, the patient continued to have hot flashes, and one month later developed postprandial upper right quadrant pain, occasionally accompanied by abdominal...

Beneficial And Adverse Effects Of Phytoestrogens In Humans

The bulk of the available data on the effects of phytoestrogen on humans is mostly from postmenopausal women, and in particular on the effects on hot flushes. Data are beginning to emerge on the effect of phytoestrogens in bone, but very little is known about the effects of these compounds on the uterus and breast. This information is urgently required to allow evaluation of long-term safety of these compounds, particularly in view of long-term treatment of postmenopausal women for the prevention of osteoporosis. Very little is known about the therapeutic potential of phytoestrogen in men. To date, six randomized studies (Murkies et al., 1995 Albertazzi et al., 1998 Washburn et al., 1999 St Germain et al., 2001 Kotsopoulos et al., 2000 Knight et al., 2001) have investigated the effect of soy or other pulses on incidence and severity of hot flushes in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women (Table 4.1). Some of the studies utilized soy as whole grains, some in flour form. Other studies...

Menopause 309

Estrogen replacement therapy is generally offered to menopausal women to reduce bothersome or debilitating symptoms (hot flashes, insomnia, decreased sexual functioning, decreased appetite, night sweats, weight loss, fatigue, vagini-tis, dysuria, etc.), to prevent demineralization of bones (leading to osteoporosis), and to offset changes in lipid metabolism related to heart disease. Estrogen is supplemented with progestin to offset the documented increase in endometrial cancer and potential increased risk of breast cancer