Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI A

federal income insurance program operated by the Social Security Administration for workers whom it determines are disabled. There are several means by which people become eligible for SSDI. Most qualify by working and paying Social Security taxes, which earns "credits" toward eventual benefits. Disabled widows and widowers age 50 or older, may be eligible for a disability benefit earned on the Social Security record of a decreased spouse. Disabled children age 18 or older (whose disability must have originated before age 22) may be eligible for dependents' benefits on the Social Security record of a parent who is getting retirement or disability benefits or who has died. Children under the age of 18 qualify for dependents' benefits on the record of a parent who is getting retirement or disability benefits or on the record of a parent who has died.

social service Activity that serves the common good of society. The term covers private and public efforts, volunteer and professional services, small enterprises, and large organized programs but is most often used to refer to large-scale welfare programs carried on under professional auspices by trained personnel, either run by a government agency or paid for by public funds.

social status The position of an individual in relation to society. Calculations of social status, while inexact, encompass class, race, economic, and cultural factors and are largely expressions of society's biases, good and bad.

social withdrawal A state of living or being disposed to live in isolation, rather than in companionship with others or in a community.

sodomy Legally, a sexual act involving oralgenital, anal-oral, or anal-genital contact.

soluble CD4 A CD4 cell that is capable of being dissolved or liquefied. CD4 has been subverted in man to serve as the receptor for HIV as it commandeers T-cells to serve as viral factories. As new viruses burst out, the T-cells rupture and die. The idea that CD4 could block the virus dates to the mid-to-late 1980s. CD4 quickly became one of the most intensively studied receptors of any enveloped virus, Research continues to date.

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